Fringe Benefit Tax in Australia

Fringe Benefit Tax in Australia: Optimise Phone & Internet

In the evolving landscape of workplace flexibility, Fringe Benefit Tax in Australia plays a crucial role. More employers are adapting to trends that see employees working from home, necessitating a fresh look at the tools they use. This discussion explores whether tools like phones and the internet can be classified as fringe benefits under Australian tax laws.

Understanding Fringe Benefit Tax in Australia (FBT) Fringe Benefit Tax is a levy employers pay on certain benefits they provide to their employees, beyond the salary. These benefits might include company cars, tools of trade and notably for our discussion, potentially the use of phones and internet services.

Phones and Internet as Expense Payment Fringe Benefits When employers reimburse employees for their phone or internet expenses incurred due to work, this qualifies as an ‘expense payment fringe benefit’ under FBT regulations.

  1. What Qualifies as an Expense Payment Fringe Benefit?
    • Reimbursement: If an employer reimburses an employee for phone or internet expenses used for work purposes, this is considered a fringe benefit.
    • Direct Payment: Employers may also pay the service provider directly for the portion of services used by the employee for work.
  1. Calculating the Taxable Value
    • Employers typically pay the service provider or reimburse the employee to determine the taxable value of these benefits. They then adjust this value by any amount the employee could deduct for business use.
  1. Substantiation Requirements
    • For expenses up to $50: Employees need to provide a declaration that details their business use of the service.
    • For expenses over $50: Detailed records of the expenses must be maintained by both the employer and employee to substantiate the claims.

Benefits of Including Phones and Internet in Fringe Benefits Utilising Fringe Benefit Tax in Australia for phone and internet costs can greatly boost your benefits package. It supports employees, particularly those working remotely. This approach also fosters a positive workplace culture by adapting to employees’ changing needs.

Navigating Fringe Benefits with Expertise Due to the complexities associated with FBT, consulting with a tax professional is advisable. Specialists in small business taxes offer advice to maximise benefits and ensure compliance for employers and employees alike.

Seeking Further Guidance? For more insights on managing fringe benefits, contact the tax professionals at Paris Financial. We offer personalised assistance tailored to your business needs and circumstances.

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