Corporate Compliance

Efficiently manage workflows and performance

ASIC corporate compliance refers to your company’s adherence to laws, regulations, and ethical practices set forth by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Ensuring ASIC regulatory compliance is crucial to maintain your company’s reputation and avoid legal penalties. Many companies rely on ASIC corporate compliance services to ensure they are meeting regulatory requirements.

At Cotchy, we provide ASIC corporate compliance services that are particularly important given Australia’s strict legal and regulatory environment. A comprehensive and effective ASIC corporate compliance service like Cotchy can help companies mitigate risks and demonstrate their commitment to ethical and lawful conduct.

What are the challenges you may face in meeting your corporate compliance obligations:

Corporate compliance services are becoming increasingly important for businesses in all industries, as regulatory requirements become more complex, and the consequences of non-compliance become more severe. The team at Cotchy can provide a range of benefits for your business, including:

How can Cotchy maintain your company details with ASIC?

  • Updating company addresses
  • Appointing or removing company officeholders
  • Adding or removing ultimate holding company information
  • Modifying share structure
  • Appointing or ceasing company members
  • Updating office holder details
  • Passing company resolutions (e.g., change of company name)
  • Updating shareholder details

Avoid ASIC penalties and late fees:

Were you aware that the Corporations Act 2001 mandates companies to inform ASIC of any changes to their details within 28 days of the alteration?

To maintain the accuracy of its database, ASIC enforces rigorous lodgement requirements and imposes hefty penalties. Late lodgement attracts a fine starting at $80, with failure to submit documents to the Commission inviting fines of up to $1,000 or even possible imprisonment for up to three months. If you let our experienced team at Cotchy take care of your corporate compliance needs you can significantly reduce the risk of incurring such hefty penalty fees, saving you money in the long run.

Why should you consider using a Cotchy registered agent for your ASIC corporate compliance services?

Companies often choose to appoint a registered agent to handle the receipt of documents and submission of required information to ASIC. These agents are have extensive expertise in meeting ASIC compliance requirements. At Cotchy, we serve as Registered Agents for our clients, taking care of all your company updates and requirements with ASIC so you don’t have to worry.

When an ASIC agent is appointed, ASIC must be notified so that all communications from ASIC regarding the company can be sent to the agent for management. The role of the agent is to assist the company in complying with statutory and legal requirements, freeing up the other members of your company to focus on their everyday business activities.

At Cotchy, we can help with all your company compliance needs, such as:

  • Registering a new company
  • Updating ASIC records for any changes to your company details
  • Submitting annual company statements to ASIC
  • Preparing all necessary minutes and notices to comply with the Corporations Act.

Other services

In addition to corporate compliance services, businesses may also require other related services such as tax accounting and bookkeeping. At Cotchy, we offer a range of essential services for your business. Tax accounting is important for small businesses to ensure they are complying with relevant tax laws and regulations, while bookkeeping is crucial for maintaining accurate financial records and making informed business decisions.

At Cotchy, we offer additional services such as tax accounting and bookkeeping, allowing businesses to streamline their compliance and financial management processes. This can provide significant benefits for your business, including improved efficiency, reduced costs, and greater peace of mind knowing that all compliance and financial obligations are being met by our experienced team.

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