How it Works

Step by step process

How does it work?



Initial Contact
You enter your contact details in the ‘Enquire Now’ Contact form.

A friendly Cotchy team member will be in touch with you via phone to find out if we are the right fit for your business.

From there, we will then book in a consultation Zoom appointment with one of our Account Managers to discuss your requirements further.

Enquire Now



Let’s Chat
We'll explain how you can run your business with a clear picture of your finances with Cotchy!

We'll answer all queries you may have and advise on the best pricing package to suit your needs.

We'll then send you an email with a recap of the meeting and a request for some addditional details from you.



Our Proposal
We'll send you a tailored CPA approved proposal including the monthly subscription pricing for your review and
e-signature. No hidden fee surprises!

Once the proposal is signed you will receive a 'Welcome to Cotchy' email which provides further information about the carefully selected team you will be working with and a meeting link for you to choose and book a time for the technical software and accounts set up session with our team.



Time To Get Set Up
In your technical onboarding session, we will set everything up.

If a software transition is required, we will integrate the data from your current software safely and seamlessly. We connect the bank feeds to your software and will stay in touch throughout this setup phase. 

You will always have full access to all of your accounts, we can also assist in setting up the software for easy access on your mobile devices.



We’ll Do The Lot
We prepare and complete your book work on a monthly basis.

We'll be in touch if we have queries, and we're here for you if you have any questions.


Time for you to relax, stop stressing about your books and start focusing on growing your business!

Have any burning questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to find the answer you may be looking for!